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Today is Apr 15, 2021
Randy How
Associate Division Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3008022J / R012894i
Call (+65) 9002 3233
RealTime System
RealTime System™ is a proprietary software developed by Powerful Negotiators that tracks the transaction prices as it is made known to our agents.

But to us, RealTime System™ is more than just a software. It represents the strong sense of synergy among our agents that drives Powerful Negotiators Group and keeps it at the top of the Agency.

How is RealTime System beneficial for you?
While other agents wait for the caveat lodged to be released on a quarterly basis, Powerful Negotiators are already assessing the market movement and advising their clients to buy, sell or hold their property with minimal lag in time. It is this speed of information that gives our clients a first movers advantage.
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