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Today is Dec 17, 2018
Randy How
Associate Division Director
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L3008022J / R012894i
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7 Dec 2018


* Inter Terrace

D14 Kembangan, 1Sty 2050/1600sf, $2.68m
D14 Sarina/Kemb, 2Sty 1805/2500sf $2.7m
D14 Kembangan, 2Sty 2030/2100sf $2.9m
D14 Lor Marican, 3Sty 1820/3700sf $3m
D14 Marzuki/Kemb, 3Sty 1776/2400sf $3.1m
D14 Kembangan, 3.5Sty 1689/3800sf $3.2m

D15 Siglap Est, 1Sty 1542/1000sf $2.5m

D15 Joo Chiat Est, 2Sty 1668/2000sf $2.68m

D15 Langsat Rd, 2Sty 2012/2300sf $2.75m

D15 Opera Est, 2.5Sty 1393/2500sf $2.78m

D15 Langsat Est, 3Sty 1725/3000sf $2.8m

D15 Langsat Rd, 2Sty 1864/2000sf $2.85m

D15 Opera Est, 2.5Sty 2040/3300sf $3.3m

D15 Lor Stangee, 3Sty 1753/3200sf $3.68m

D15 Carpmael Est, 3.5Sty 1800/3500sf $3.7m

D16 Simpang Bedok, 1Sty 2040/1600sf $2.5m

D16 Peakville Est, 2Sty 2100/1800sf $2.55m

D16 Sunbird Circ, 2Sty 2160/2400sf $2.75m

D16 Sunbird Est, 2Sty 2379/2800sf $2.98m

D16 Bedok Ria, 2Sty 1765/2700sf $3.2m

D16 Bedok/Simpang, 2Sty 2773/2500sf $3.2m

D16 Sennett/Lucky, 2.5Sty 1938/3300sf $3.68m

* Corner Terrace


D14 Eunos Est, 3Sty 2457/2800sf $3.28m

D14 Kembangan, 3Sty 2974/3200sf $3.32m

D14 Lor Sarina, 3Sty 2500/3800sf $3.68m

D14 Kechot/Eunos, 3Sty 3750/3300sf $4.2m

D15 Opera Est, 2Sty 2400/2000sf $2.98m

D15 Rambai Rd, 1Sty 3156/1500sf $3.2m

D15 Telok Kurau, 2Sty 2360/2200sf $3.3m

D15 Opera Est, 2Sty 2596/2600sf, $3.6m

D15 Everitt Rd, 3Sty 2939/2900sf $3.8m

D15 Telok Kurau, 2Sty 3265/2600sf $3.98m

D15 Tembeling Rd, 3.5Sty 2500/3900sf $4m

D15 Lor Stangee, 3Sty 3097/3300sf $4.68m

D15 Katong Est, 3.5Sty 2691/5772sf $4.9m

D16 Harvey/Angin Laut, 3Sty 2282/2500sf $3.28m

D16 Bedok Est, 3Sty 2625/3200sf $3.48m

D16 Sennett Ave, 2Sty 2804/3300sf $3.95m

D16 Jln Tanjong, 3.5Sty 3364/4500sf $4m

D16 Simpang Bedok, 3Sty 2940/3000sf $4.1m

D16 Sennett/Lucky, 3.5Sty 2282/4000sf $4.2m

* Semi Detached

D14 Lor Sarina, 3Sty 2460/3800sf $3.5m

D14 Eunos/Sarina, 1Sty 3200/1800sf $3.5m

D14 Jln Singa, 2.5Sty 3600/3500sf $3.7m

D14 Kembangan, 3Sty 2485/3400sf $3.8m

D14 Lor Marican, 3Sty 2600/3350sf $3.9m

D14 Jln Ismail, 2Sty 3360/3000sf $4m

D14 Jln Senang, 3.5Sty 4050/3600sf $4.3m

D14 Kembangan, 3Sty 3800/4500sf $4.38m

D14 Kembangan Est, 3Sty 4495/7000sf $5.5m

D15 Siglap Est, 2Sty 1968/2000sf $3.5m

D15 Siglap Est, 2.5Sty 2476/3500sf $3.8m

D15 Frankel/Siglap, 2.5Sty 2939/3800sf $4.28m

D15 Siglap Est, 3112/3225sf $4.3m

D15 Siglap Est, 2Sty 3772/3000sf $4.4m

D15 Telok Kurau, 1Sty 3896/1500sf $4.4m

D15 Katong/Ceylon, 2Sty 3399/2750sf $4.5m

D15 Telok Kurau, 3.5Sty 3328/5000sf $4.6m

D15 Jln Tua Kong, 3.5Sty 3264/4800sf $4.8m

D15 Crescent Rd, 2.5Sty 2410/3200sf $5.08m

D15 Katong Est, 2.5Sty 3045/5500sf $5.55m

D15 Siglap Hill, 3.5Sty 2888/4150sf $5.8m

D15 Jln Seaview, 2.5Sty 3390/5000sf $6.5m

D15 Dunbar Est, 2Sty 4389/3280sf $7m

D15 Dunbar Walk, 2.5Sty 4320/5600sf $7.38m

D16 Peakville Est, 2Sty 3500/2500sf $3.6m

D16 Bedok Ria, 3Sty 2930/3500sf $3.65m

D16 Peakville Est, 2Sty 3274/2500sf $3.65m

D16 Peakville Est, 3.5Sty 2616/4800sf $3.65m

D16 Bedok Hill, 2Sty 3467/2000sf $3.7m

D16 Kew/Bedok Est, 3Sty 2625/4000sf $3.89m

D16 Sunbird Rd, 2Sty 3900/3550sf $4.18m

D16 Jalan Segam, 2Sty 3800/3000sf $4.38m

D16 Bedok Ria/Eastwood, 2Sty 3649/2550sf $4.5m

D16 Lucky Heights, 3.5Sty 3320/5000sf $4.7m

D16 Sunbird Circ, 3Sty 3600/4700sf $4.7m

D16 Sennett/Lucky, 2.5Sty 4200/3000sf $4.98m


* Bungalow

D14 Kembangan, 3Sty 12000/5500sf $10.8m

D15 Telok Kurau, 3Sty 4470/5000sf $6.3m

D15 Dunbar Walk, 2.5Sty 4600/6500sf $6.5m

D15 Telok Kurau, 3Sty 5670/4500sf $6.5m

D15 Frankel Est, 2Sty 5700/4000sf $6.99m

D15 Siglap Vic, 1Sty 6000/2000sf $7.2m

D15 Telok Kurau, 3Sty 6000/7000sf $8m

D15 Frankel Ave, 1Sty 7950/3000sf $8.8m

D15 Crescent Rd, 2Sty 6000/5200sf $9.8m

D15 Tg Katong Est, 2Sty 6200/3500sf $9.9m

D15 Goodman Est, 2Sty 5910/4800sf $10m

D15 Mountbatten, 2Sty 6336/4680sf $10.5m

D15 Wilkinson, 2.5Sty 8000/7000sf $11.2m

D15 Haig Road, 2Sty 8800/5000sf $12m

D15 Cranborne Rd, 2Sty 6270/6000sf $12.5m

D15 Siglap Hill, 2.5Sty 7100/8800sf $13m

D15 Crescent Rd, 2Sty 10800/4000sf $13.8m

D15 Margate Rd, 2.5Sty 9800/11000sf $18m

D15 Broadrick Rd, 1Sty 16000/4000sf $23m

D16 Harvey Est, 3.5Sty 4350/5000sf $6m

D16 Jln Haji Salam, 3.5Sty 5000/8100sf $6.9m

D16 Palm Ave, 2Sty 4950/6000sf $8.8m

D16 Jln Angin Laut, 2Sty 9720/7000sf $9.8m

D16 Kew Drive, 3.5Sty 14300/10000sf $15m



1. D15 Goodman frontage 35m 12700sf 
2. D15 Frankel 11600sf frontage 35meter
3. D15 Dunbar Walk 10500sf

4. D15 Siglap 11000sf wide frontage


Be a king of land call me for asking price 90023233


Dear buyers, some properties are meant to view from outside before any arrangement can be made to view from inside and by appointment only. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your kind understanding. If you would like to view other properties nearby the vicinity, I am delighted to meet you in person and show you around.

*Disclaimer - The Built up area, land size stated are round up to the nearest approxiomate figure for easy reference, subject to final survey. Hence, we are not responsible any inaccuracies


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